Yayasan Widya Sari in Tianyar was found in 2008, after Ketut Sujana visited the Learning Center in Bedulu and decided he wanted to set up something similar for the children of Tianyar. Nyoman Mahartana and Leony Kartika – both sponsored  by WINS child sponsors when they were younger -are now part of the management team.

In 2014 Yayasan Widya Sari became “self sufficient”  which is the main goal of the WINS concept. WINS doesn’t have to financially support the Learning Center for operational costs and management salaries any longer. The Learning Center pays these costs with the income it makes out of their own sources, such as renting the guest rooms to volunteers and visitors, their own volunteer program  “Volunteer in Bali” and a transport service.

The Yayasan is also very active in the local community and in cooperation with the local government. They have the North Bali Reef Conservation project to  save the reef that has suffered damage from pollution and overfishing (check out this short film about their activities). In order to make sure the local population can still get jobs and earn money, they will be retrained to become diving instructors to guide tourists during their diving trips, which is a very popular activity in the North of Bali. Other activities for taking care of the environment are cleaning the beaches by collecting all the garbage and plastic. The children make a significant contribution to these projects by helping with each of the activities.

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A second Learning Center located in Tianyar is Yayasan Lascarya Paramaseva and was founded in February 2011 by Putu Kawi. His son Novaldy is the Operational Manager of this Learning Center. In 2015, Ketut de Sujana of Learning Center Yayasan Widya Sari in Tianyar started a cooperation with Novaldy, helping them with education programs and volunteers to support more children in Tianyar. In 2016 Novaldy implemented the WINS child sponsoring program.


In 2017 they celebrated their 9-year anniversary. This film below gives an impression of the developments in the past years and what the Learning Center has become.