Through the WINS childsponsoring program, orphans and disadvantaged children can receive education by  attending the local schools. In addition, WINS offers extra lessons by volunteers at our WINS Learning Centers, aimed at learning the children independence and developing their sense of responsibility. These lessons include English, computer skills, dance, arts and culture, sexual education, hygiene, communication skills,  future thinking and acting, and environmental awareness and are free and accessible to all children from the local community.

We also  support children with physical and / or mental disabilities, giving them the resources, treatments and support for creating a better and easier life. Without the help of the Learning Center, these children would not get the guidance and support they need, because they can’t be accommodated in their local schools or in their community. They come to the Learning Center from Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. The main goal of the special needs program is to help them become independent people with skills to be able to survive by themselves.  

These children are guided by some of the children that were supported by the WINS foundation and who  have graduated in Physiotherapy. In addition, many volunteers from all over the world with a background in Physiotherapy join to do voluntary work with the children and to help creating a personal treatment program for each of them. 

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