Tanja Bour inspires coaches

WINS board member Tanja Bour inspires coaches with the story of Gung Krishna 
Tanja: “On Saturday, November 17th, I was allowed to share my story about the Learning Center Yayasan Widya Guna in Bedulu (Bali) with former students at the Response Institute in Roermond. More than 150 people who have all followed a course NLP or hypnose at this Institute came together for an inspiring day. It was very exciting for me, to speak in front of such a large group. But the story comes straight from my heart and that’s what I kept in mind the days before the presentation.

I took the audience into the world of  Gung Krishna. A 10-year old boy who’s parents are deceased and who is taken care of at the Learning Center Yayasan Widya Guna. Diagnosis unknown, behavior ranging from very sweet and affectionate, to very cros and challenging. A real challenge for the team of the Yayasan. I feel a special connection with him and we spend a lot of time together. For example feeding the cow, working in the garden or just sit together and be quiet. He lives with his grandmother and fortunately we found co-sponsors for him who make sure he gets the financial support that he needs.

During the break a tombola was held. The price was a free course which Milan Somers, the owner of the Response Institute made available. That turned out to be a great temptation for the audience to buy one or more tickets for the tombola. The total profit of € 1.025,- will be used for Yayasan Widya Guna, which makes me so very happy. In March 2019, when I will be back in Bali again, we will select a perfect and sustainable project for this wonderful donation.”