Board changes NL 2017-2018

Gill Rijnenberg (founder WINS Foundation), Tanja Bour (board member), Antoinette Peters (VIP International), Cherie Leijer (Treasurer), Tuty Kaswari (Treasurer), Harvey de la Rambelje (board member), Tamara Rijnenberg (chair of the board).

Tamara Rijnenberg will pass on the chairmanship to Harvey de la Rambelje on 1 January 2018, who joined the WINS NL team in 2016. Tamara took on the role of chairman ad interim in early 2015 from Wouter Cosaert. She will fulfill the role of secretary again, which Cherie Leijer temporarily took on.

Because of his short lines with all WINS entities, Gill Rijnenberg –  founder of the WINS Foundation – rejoined the board earlier this year, so that the team can work on the various projects in a more focused and effective way.

Tanja Bour joined as member of the board earlier this year, with the focus being on children with a physical and / or mental disability (“special needs children”).

Almost all WINS board members regularly visit the Learning Centers in Indonesia. They do this in their free time and entirely at their own expense.

About Harvey de la Rambelje

Dear WINS friends, As I write this article, the eruption of Gunung Agung has taken place. After a long period of fear and uncertainty, most people will have returned to their homes. I hope that they can quickly take up their lives again and that the material damage can be overseen. I want to introduce myself in this article:

I am Harvey de la Rambelje, I was born in (D) jakarta where I grew up to my 7th year. In 1959 we went to the Netherlands; the political situation made that necessary. It marked the end of a colonial period, which was heavy and painful for the local population, especially when I look back at the historical consciousness of today.

I am 65 years old, I am married to Anja. We have three daughters (Esther, Natascha are twins and Mariska) and 5 grandchildren (Abel, Faye, Jolie, Lola and Jules).

In my working life I was, among other things, a consultant in the field of personnel, organization and consultation matters. I have been active in dismissal, career and coaching work, development assessments, etc. In addition, for nine years (until 1 November 2017) I have been vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nusantara, a culture-specific healthcare institution for people with an Indian-Moluccan background.

In my spare time I like to play badminton and tennis, go to movies and museums, love music and reading, not to mention grandchildren fit together with Anja! In addition, since 1 year I have been a volunteer at the VPTZ (Volunteers Palliative Terminal Care).

In 2010 I visited the Far East for the first time since 1959 and went to Bali with a company that was also connected to the Nusantara Supervisory Board. During our stay we went to the learning center of WINS in Bedulu. I was greatly impressed and touched by the joy and curiosity of the children and the enthusiastic way in which the volunteers fulfilled their role. At that moment my good ‘old’ friend Antoinette Peters had long been busy putting volunteers on the basis of their talents, experience and skills for this beautiful work.

In the middle of 2015, Antoinette Peters (VIP International) asked me if I was interested in joining the board of WINS, because the previous chairman (Wouter Cosaert) would leave, there was a need for a new board member. I knew WINS from Bedulu and was especially enthusiastic about the WINS philosophy (not leaders but responsibility) and the valuable educational work alongside the other activities.

After a meeting with Wouter and Tamara (our current chairman) we came to the conclusion that I would go on board for 1 year to evaluate afterwards. But things always go differently and Tamara, supported by the other members, asked me to want to be chairman. I had to think about that, of course I was honored, but also realized the responsibility. Meanwhile Gill has returned as a board member. With the experience, knowledge, drive and persuasiveness of him and the other board members (Tamara, Cherie, Tuty and Tanja) I dare to do it and have said yes. I am fully confident!

I have experienced how Tamara fulfilled her role as chairman with compassion and love for the children, many thanks for that! And of course a lot of thanks to the sponsors, who lay the financial foundation to make WINS possible at all.

I hope when the time comes to meet all the people involved who realize the activities in the learning centers with so much love and affection for the children.

Every day they take a step where it comes ‘Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world’

With kind regards,
Harvey de la Rambelje

About Tanja Bour

I am Tanja Bour. In 2009 I visited Yayasan Widya Guna for the first time in Bedulu and I was immediately seized by the positive energy, the super sweet and friendly people and the great children. I felt: this place, these people, these children and I are forever connected. Since then, every trip to the east in Bali starts with a visit to the yayasan. And since two years I am also active as a volunteer for the special needs children: the children with an intellectual and / or physical disability.

Together with these very special children, my life has changed forever. For me, the yayasan is “a labor of love” and I want nothing more than to be there and work step by step towards a better future together with the staff and children.

When asked if I wanted to join the board of WINS, I said yes. For working together with all those people who do so much good from their hearts for the children in Indonesia, I consider a privilege. I also look forward to all the beautiful things that are yet to happen, such as the realization of an aqua therapy room for the special needs children, a professional file for each child, more structured specialist care such as adjusting diet, physiotherapy, etc.

All things that will contribute to a better well-being of both the kids and their families.